Deposit payment

How to pay the deposit

Placing a deposit is an essential step in the rental process with Drivfit. This provides us with the necessary security to waive any financial or historical background of the customer, opening our service to all companies, whether small or large, recent or evolved. In the steps below, we explain how you can pay the deposit quickly, sustainably and securely.

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Did you know you can split the deposit into 3 interest-free instalments? Find out how here.



Since a deposit is required for each vehicle, it is necessary to pay the deposit at the following times:

  • During the account opening process;
  • When making a new booking, if it will increase the number of rented vehicles.

If it is a replacement, the number of rented vehicles will not increase, so there will be no need to establish a new deposit.


If you are at the process of opening an account, after signing the contract, Drivfit will contact you to set the final details.

If you wish to increase your Drivfit fleet, please contact us to request a new booking.

  1. During these calls, you will be asked about the deposit payment method you prefer: full payment or instalment in 3 interest-free months;
  2. In accordance with your choice, you will receive an email from Drivfit with all the instructions for deposit payment;
  3. Drivfit will be automatically notified after the deposit payment, sending you the receipt for it to your email.

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