Understanding the deposit: rules, payments and refunds

The deposit takes on undeniable importance for Drivfit. By requiring the payment of a deposit, we can ensure the proper maintenance of our vehicles, as well as the necessary safety to avoid any financial background check of the client. This allows us to make our rental accessible to all companies, whether small or large, recent or evolved.

We believe this approach benefits both our customers and Drivfit, as it allows us to maintain a high level of trust and satisfaction by providing exceptional service to any customer.

In this article:


Deposit value

The current net value of the deposit to be retained by Drivfit is €1,398.00, to which should be added the Imposto de Selo tax of 0.6%, so €8.39.

In the end, the total amount of the deposit to be provided will be €1,406.39.

The number of deposits to be established is directly linked to the number of vehicles desired, with one deposit being paid for each vehicle.


The Imposto de Selo tax is fully transferred to the State, not being part of the net value of the deposit, nor being entirely secured at Drivfit.



The payment of the deposit takes place when opening an account or whenever you want to increase the number of rented vehicles. If you place a booking to replace your current car, since it is a replacement, you do not need to pay a new deposit, using the one previously established.

As for the methods, currently, we only accept payment through Entity/Reference. In the future, it will also be possible to pay by debit/credit card and even by instalment payment.

Check the deposit payment procedure here.

Instalment payment

Drivfit understands that the value of the deposit may be difficult for some clients!
And, in our mission to provide flexible rental, accessible to everyone, we found a solution: soon, it will be possible to pay in instalments, 3 months no-interest!

Stay tuned!

More information and instalment payment procedure here.



It is important to note that, after the delivery of the vehicle, additional costs, such as tolls, may surface.

Therefore, the refund of the deposit will occur within a maximum period of 15 days after the delivery of the vehicle and customer's request, provided that there are no pending processes related to accidents or damage due to negligence.

If there are such pending processes, the deposit will only be refunded after the conclusion of these processes and clarification of all responsibilities.

Also, only the net value of the deposit will be considered for reimbursement, that is, without the value of the Imposto de Selo tax.

It should also be noted that all unpaid amounts will be deducted from the deposit, with only the remaining balance being refunded.

At last, if you have established a deposit but have not used any vehicle, Drivfit will refund the entire value of the deposit, including the amount related to Imposto de Selo tax!


Did you know that it is possible to keep the deposit established even if you don't have an active rented vehicle? This way, if you need to rent with Drivfit again, the process will be immediate, with no wasted time nor bank fees!

Check the refund procedure here.


Deposit vs. Deductible

Although commonly confused, there is no relationship between the deposit and the deductible at Drivfit.

On one hand, deductible is the maximum amount for which the customer is responsible in case of an accident.

The deposit, on the other hand, serves only as a security deposit, a value that is extensively covered in this article and is not related to accidents.


Key points

  • The total value of the deposit is €1,406.39, which includes Imposto de Selo tax (0.6%), with Drivfit only holding the net part, €1,398;
  • A deposit must be paid for each active vehicle simultaneously;
  • The payment of deposits is currently made through entity/reference;
  • The refund of the deposit takes place within a maximum period of 15 days after the delivery of the vehicle and customer's request, provided that there are no pending processes related to accidents or damages due to negligence;
  • The value of the Imposto de Selo tax, as it was not held, will not be refunded at the end, except if the customer has not made any rental.